Wow! Nepal. Impressionable in so many ways. Stark contrasts - valleys to peaks; blue skies to polluted air; friendly people to chaotic drivers - and everything in between. Such a conglomeration of cultures and landscapes. Enjoy our photos, below. Thanks for visiting our site.


Note: We learned a lot about the plight of the Asian elephant during our visit to Chitwan National Park. Curiously, the Nepal government captivates and domesticates wild elephants from the park for ranger patrols and other park-related work. However, they purchase elephants from India for about US$1,000 each for tourism purposes because it is illegal in Nepal to use Nepali elephants for such use. Based on what we saw and have learned, we don't feel good about having ridden one on safari in Chitwan. Wild Asian elephants are currently listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling as elephants for tourism becomes extremely popular. Furthermore, the welfare of the animals is being exploited for these huge money-making activities. The ethics of whether or not one should support organizations that use elephants for trekking is not a simple matter though. Before choosing any activity that involves an Asian elephant, I encourage you to become informed. Here is a great article providing some perspective on the situation -


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