“Now, I vaguely understand the principles involved here. I can see that there has to be a notional line where one day ends and the next day begins, and that when you cross that line temporal oddities will necessarily follow. But that still doesn’t get away from the fact that on any trip between America and Australia you will experience something that would be, in any other circumstance, the starkest impossibility. However hard you train or concentrate or watch your diet, no matter how many steps you take on the StairMaster, you are never going to get so fit that you can cease to occupy space for twenty-four hours or be able to arrive in one room before you left the last one.”

-Bill Bryson, from In a Sunburned Country, on the phenomenon of crossing the international date line

Posts from Australia


Sydney (9/6-10/18): Stay with SERVAS host (with Liza) in North Sydney; explore Sydney Harbour by ferry system – Circular Quay, Opera House, Sydney Harbour bridge, Luna Park, Darling Harbour, Manly Beach; Bondi to Bronte Beach walk; Annandale and Newtown; Powerhouse Museum; train to Newcastle.

Newcastle (9/10-14): Stay with SERVAS host family in Merewether  (with Felicity, Matt, Huw, and Sam); explore coastal area

Mullumbimby (9/15-28): Stay on a Workaway family farm (Dale, Rhonda, Israel, Boaz, Zachary, and Eden); visits to Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay, Cape Byron, Mt Warning)

Brisbane (9/28-30): SERVAS stay on the Redcliffe Peninsula (with Gilliam, Clontarf Beach); Brisbane city

Maryborough (9/30-10/10): Stay on Workaway farm (with Kim and Dave on Lime Rise Farm); Maryborough weekly market; Tin Can Bay dolphin feeding; Carlo Sand Blow; Rainbow Beach

Cairns (10/10-10/13): Stay at Gecko’s Backpackers hostel; Cairns Esplanade Lagoon; Great Barrier Reef trip

Darwin (10/13-10/14): Home stay with Derek, Roy, and Harry; sunset dinner at the harbor eateries; swim in the pool; Adelaide River boat trip for jumping crocodile feedings.